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   We have built many commercial websites in Tacoma and the greater Puget Sound area of Washington State since 1995, plus we have built websites for clients in Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada and other states. We provide hosting for a basic website on our own Server for as little as $5 a month or pay $50 a year and get two free months. Marketing & SEO - HyperSubmit are optional for projects. You will not find us in the local phone book, we are a totally online service company. However, that being said, we do meet as needed with local clients. Each hosting client that now wishes to have full 24/7 server end support and ftp access, will have their own Control Panel w/access codes and a real live 24 hour a day support person, by phone or Live-Chat IM. Just email me with a detailed description of what your needs are with a list of your requests. All clients will have options from $5 a month hosting (a high speed server where your website it located 24/7)..... and up, depending on needs and basic  requirements. Some accounts start with 250mb of space and up to 25 email accounts. We are scalable and provide extended services you may be looking for but do not readily see here. Ask and we shall provide, most of the time.

   Our team produces web design projects from Flash to Database/shopping cart functions, along with our hosting services, for select clients, one at a time. We never take on more than one website project at a time to ensure quality. When your website is fully finished we begin the next project. Please note that we do not work on adult websites nor some that may be too controversial or offend others. Prices range from $100 for a one page website that doubles as a printable brochure or flyer in full color, to several hundred dollars for a site with Flash, SSL security, shopping cart and database functionality. The most expensive single website we have done is for Hagan's Auto Parts on River Rd. in Puyallup, WA for $10,000... which included a robust online database for over 60,000 auto parts. What good does it all do if your website cannot be found with a common Search Engine? Search Engine Optimization is so important today, more than ever before that we have a whole new arm of our company ready to help out... see our SEO HyperSubmit SERVICES today!

   Contact us today to discuss your needs and to get a free quote. We do our own in-house financing with a suitable down payment, or you may opt to finance the entire project with a traditional finance company. I look forward to your email or phone call soon!
- Don Leske II / webmaster  - CONTACT FORM -

Webmaster note: Since 1994 I have been a webmaster doing script building & code development using JAVA, HTML, PERL, CGI etc.... plus SEO consultation, marketing, promotions and hosting via our own server. See many Testimonies from happy clients. Our team includes other web builders and graphic companies that we sub contract some of our work to.

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